RESOLUT is an in-flight radioactive beam facility, which uses beams from the TANDEM-LINAC to create exotic, radioactive isotopes not found in nature. The isotopes, which are created through a nuclear reaction in the production target, are separated in mass by the combined effect of the electrical fields in the superconducting RF-resonator and the magnetic fields of the spectrograph.

The Beams of radioactive isotopes are created by bombarding a gas cell filled with H2, D2, 3He or 4He. We use single- or double nucleon transfer or charge-exchange reactions, such as (p,n), (d,n), (d,p) or (3He,n).

The following table describes the parameters of radioactive beams from RESOLUT, which were used in experiments to date. Other beam species or energies are possible, given an intense primary beam from the Tandem-Linac and a production reaction with sufficient cross-section.

Beam Production Reaction Energy Intensity Purity
6He 7Li(d,3He)6He 18-29 MeV 1·104 pps 40%
7Be 7Li(p,n)7Be 25-35 MeV 2·105 pps 80%
8Li 7Li(d,p)8Li 20-30 MeV 5·104 pps 90%
8B 6Li(3He,n)8B 30-45 MeV 1·104 pps 10%
17F 16O(d,n)17F 80 MeV 2·105 pps 80%
19O 18O(d,p)19O 80 MeV 5·104 pps 90%
18Ne 16O(3He,n)18Ne 70 MeV 2·104 pps 25%
25Al 24Mg(d,n)25Al 98 MeV 1·104 pps 35%