The spectrograph is currently under construction, but will soon be an active part of Fox Lab.

The Enge split-pole spectrograph (SPS) is the result of a FSU/LSU collaboration. The SPS and its associated detector systems will provide a complete and stable experimental setup to use charged-particle spectroscopy and coincident detection of particle decays to study reactions important to nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics. The SPS consists of two pole sections used to momentum analyze light -ion reaction products and focus them at the magnetic focal plane. It has a large acceptance of 12.8 msr, a maximum field of 16.3 kG, and the radius of curvature for the reaction products can range from 51.1 to 92 cm. As the SPS sits on a track, it can be rotated about the target to make measurements at a variety of angles in order to measure angular distributions.